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Jack & Jill Educare - Pottery
Jack & Jill Educare – Pottery

Based on Te Whariki, the Early Childhood Curriculum of New Zealand, our over two’s programme is based on an emergent curriculum where it develops from the needs and interests of the children. Teacher’s plans and community events may also form a basis for programme planning.

While free play remains an important aspect of the programme, our teachers also provide for some structured opportunities to extend learning. From observation of the children, teachers work together to facilitate plans for in-depth studies of ideas and topics.

The programme is holistic in nature; with a strong focus on the whole child, encompassing all aspects of their development (intellectual, physical, social and emotional). It is also a flexible learning programme; planned to adapt to the changing learning needs and interests of the children.


As children get closer to school age they are supported in developing the skills required to assist them in the next stage of their educational journey. Our programme for four year olds has a strong focus on developing literacy and numeracy skills, creativity, independent thinking and problem solving.

Children in this age group have individual workbooks; and two mornings a week have a dedicated period of time focused on their unique learning needs.

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