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Here are some parent feedback about the child care offered at Jack & Jill Educare, Hamilton.


Today marks the end of an era for our family. Over 6 years ago Eden joined you as a 7 month old baby who couldn’t crawl. Two years later baby Brayden joined his big sister and they shared time together in your care.
When Eden left Jack & Jill she had become a bright articulate inquisitive girl ready for more learning. Brayden came into his own sfter Eden went to school, no longer under the thumb of his big sister.
Brayden too, has grown and is ready for the new challenge that school will bring.
Thank you for helping us to raise two beautiful, caring, well adjusted children.
Over the years we have seen some staff come and go but the care and attention has remained constant.
Kind regards
Jade & Murray



I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at Jack & Jill Educare. It was a very hard decision to return to work when Zack & Em are so little, and prior to finding your centre I was feeling VERY nervous – like I had made a mistake returning to work, as I had looked at 6 other childcare facilities and had not felt like any of them would be very nice places to leave my children all day…..they just didn’t feel right.
But then I came and visited your facility, and as soon as I walked in, I had a completely different feeling. The three staff members who took the time to talk to me and show me around were warm and friendly, and I had an immediate sense of relief…I knew I had finally found somewhere that my children would be happy and well taken care of.
Emily and Zack have settled in well. and I have found the staff nothing short of AWESOME to deal with and talk to. They have supported Emily in her adjusting to day care life, and I am happy going to work knowing that she and Zack are OK.
So, THANKS very much! You are an important part of my children’s daily experiences and I appreciate all that you do to make their day educational, enjoyable and safe.



Lydia started at Jack & Jill just before her 1st birthday. Like most parents I wondered if I was doing the right thing leaving her 3 days a week to fend for herself. After all, these were complete strangers that we didn’t know. How was she going to cope? Was I out of my mind???!!!
Looking back now it seems so silly. Kerryn and the Under 2 team were simply fantastic. I couldn’t believe the progress she made and looked forward to picking her up just so that I could hear what she’d achieved that day.
It didn’t seem long before she moved to Ange and the Over 2’s and continued her thirst to learn new and exciting things. Each day I got to hear about all the great friends she’d made and what she’d learned that day.
Liddy has just turned 5 and is off to “big school” now. I have only praise for the Jack & Jill team. Their caring, yet firm guidance has provided the greatest of platforms for her to negotiate life’s challenges. I’m sure she will hit the ground running when she starts school and it’s all thanks to the team at Jack & Jill.



It was a very wet day & I could have stayed home, under a blanket & watched a movie BUT…I decided to spend an afternoon visiting my daughter Charli & her friends at Jack & Jill. I was a little apprehensive as I was not sure what to expect.
On arrival I could hear lots of giggles & lots of chatter but I took a deep breath & dived in. The children were of various ages & shapes & sizes but I was greeted with smiles all round… thank goodness…so far so good.
Because of the weather the children were indoors occupied with activities. I observed & joined some of the children playing picture bingo which was fun & they even let me win a game. My favourite part of the day was reading to some of the children. They even knew some of the books off by heart as they would recite the words before I got to that particular part.
Afternoon tea consisted of sandwiches (brown & white bread) & fruit (fruit & vegetables are offered at every meal)…water was also offered. I was very impressed with the children’s manners – guess it is true – Children are better behaved for other people.
While I enjoyed my afternoon at Jack & Jill, I wouldn’t give up my day job. The staff is doing a brilliant job with our kids & I believe they’re doing a wonderful job assisting me in raising a confident young girl to be the best person she can be in the world. I’m glad that when I go to work every day I need not worry about Charli as she is in the best hands, at the right place, having the time of her life.



As a parent my experience of Jack & Jill Educare has been extremely positive, and I have enjoyed watching my baby grow into a confident, outgoing wee girl. This is due in part to the caring staff who work at Jack and Jill, as they have provided a welcoming family orientated atmosphere. They have also taken the time to get to know us as individuals, and in my opinion brought out my daughter’s potential through fun play and activities. Now at almost 2,my daughter is starting to put sentences together, is learning her shapes and colours, and enjoys counting. But best of all , she has made many lasting friendships with the staff and children that attend; and it has been reassuring to know that someone caring will be there to give my daughter a reassuring hug when I am unable too.



Jack & Jills is a star in Wanganui. Recently Lily & Benji’s grandparents went to Wanganui to see some family. They took the profile books with them and a video of the children. Everyone was so impressed with what Lily could do when she sang her ABC, did the haka and spoke a few words in Maori. They were also impressed with the profile books and had never seen anything like them. What a great record of their time at Jack & Jill; the skills gained and the milestones achieved. Thanks teachers for the time you take to do these, they are truly worthwhile and great for showing off!



J&J was absolutely fantastic for our Son. I always felt as if they really cared and were interested in our family and that we were a part of their unique family. It is so much easier to head off to work knowing that you are leaving your child in their other home.



I am so pleased that we chose Jack & Jill Educare for our daughter. When Megan started, she was 9 months old and not yet crawling and today she is an active and outgoing little girl of nearly 2. The activities that she participates in at Jack & Jill are great for her development and they open up a world of opportunities for exploration and learning. Through being at the centre, Megan has learnt to socialise and interact confidently with the children and staff and has formed a strong bond with many of them. Just three weeks ago, Megan’s little brother joined the Jack & Jill family and we know that he will love his time there just as much as Megan.